Maridadi Couture  is a creation of two languages.In swahili,a Kenyan language ,”maridadi” means anything beautiful,tasteful,attractive,or catching the eye.Couture is a french name meaning high fashion.

We are a multicultural lifestyle brand that specializes in blending cultural prints with modern fashion,creating a union between trend and classic couture

Maridadi was created in Norway and Kenya to cater for all women who have been in that phase of finding unique,bold and stylish pieces that can make them stand out.Clothes,earrings,brooches,headwraps,sandles,necklaces sourced for Maridadi are handpicked or designed by catherine Enger couture so if you love her style you will love what Maridadi Couture has to offer

Meet the Founder

Catherine Njambi Enger is an African-European enterpreneur who established Maridadi Couture in 2016 after her burning desire to reconnect with her cultural backgrounds and fashion.Born and raised in Kenya .

As a mother of two ,a student in a foreign language the  thought about enterpreneurship didn’t come to mind so easily.Yet her busy schedule left a void for self expression,and to be able to fulfill the creative passion,Maridadi couture had to be born.Behind this emerging brand stands a  designer with a keen sense of glamour and an eye for timeless fashion